The Wreckin’ Ball Takes a Fall

Sol broke his leg yesterday. Sam took him to a park while I went with the older boys to see Inside Out (good movie, by the way), and he ran in front of the swings and got hit. We took him to the emergency room where they x-rayed his leg and confirmed the break. They also set it in a splint for us, and we have an appointment early tomorrow morning to get a cast put on. He’ll probably be in the cast for four to six weeks.

I’m trying to tell myself that it’s not the worst thing that could happen, but it feels pretty dire right now. He doesn’t understand, and he’s upset and frustrated. He was also clearly in pain all last night—he kept waking up and crying “ow ow ow.” We got a prescription for pain medication that Sam went out and filled first thing this morning. I just hope it gets easier on him soon.

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  • Nanita Says:

    Poor, poor kid. Which leg bone is broken, and where? My heart goes out to Sol, and I feel his pain, having just recovered from a fibula fracture. Ask if there’s any way he can still take baths. I couldn’t get my cast wet, and that was the hardest part.

    • Shannon Phillips Says:

      No baths allowed 🙁

      It’s the big bone in his right shin, whatever that one’s called. The tibia?

  • Masie Says:

    So sorry, Shannon. Lots of love and hugs for the sweet Sol.

  • Robert Cochran Says:

    Not the worst–that’s right by miles, but plenty bad. So sorry! Prescription: pain medicine first, ice cream second, third, and fourth. Repeat as indicated. Once he’s pain free, cool decals for the cast… Love, Dad/Pops

  • Suzanne Says:

    Poor Sol (and mom and dad). Wrecking balls are supposed to swing not be swung into. I hope the cast helps, too and allows him to play happily with his brothers.

    • Shannon Phillips Says:

      Me too! He’s such an energetic and active little guy, it’s hard to imagine him spending a month completely off his feet.

  • sarah Says:

    Oh poor Sol. I do remember how active he is just from that couple of hours Reuben and I were there last Sept. I’m sorry for him, but remembering a lot about casts (broke a number of bones), he will still get to be active and will get lots of sympathy. I’m sure your dad is right about the ice cream – it can cure about anything!!! Love to all there. Patience and creativity. On another topic, i’ve been going through lots of my stuff (trying to de-clutter) and came across a sci-fi magazine that had one of your first published stories in it. It is great and even autographed. Want it? Otherwise, I’m KEEPING it. 🙂

    • Shannon Phillips Says:

      Thanks Aunt Sarah!

      Which magazine is it? If it’s Dragon, then I’ve got a copy. There was a story I wrote for a contest in high school, though, that I don’t have anymore, so if it’s that one then I would definitely like it 🙂

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