Yesterday I planted some vegetables in our garden—it’s the first year since Sol was born that I’ve had the time and energy for gardening. Fortunately we live in California so late June is a perfectly reasonable time to start growing some veggies. I put in cherry tomatoes, butternut squash, cilantro, watermelon, and gypsy peppers—all from seedlings—and I planted a sunflower seed. I also put out some pots of mint, basil, and thyme on the front porch. With the new water restrictions I’m only allowed to water the garden twice a week, so we’ll see how everything does. Sam was nice enough to put up some chicken wire to keep the hens out of my garden.

Today is Father’s Day, which has been nice—we went on a hike with our scout group, and we’re getting Sam’s favorite pizza for dinner. I bought him a mechanical (as opposed to battery-powered) watch that’s pretty cool—in fact, now I want one for myself!

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  • Robert Cochran Says:

    Speaking of watches! The Seiko you sent me for Father’s Day is such a cool watch that even a lifetime of unencumbered wrists is now being tested. Taylor set it and got it running for me. I’m still a clumsy watch wearer now, but
    by the time I show up in Oakland on July 6 I’m
    hoping to appear newly urbane and accessorized.
    (Right now I look like a man who thinks his
    wrist is being attacked by a rodent!) Thanks!
    Love, Dad/Pops

    • Shannon Phillips Says:

      Hey Dad! I actually got you and Sam exactly the same watch. It’s hard to buy presents for both of you, for exactly the same reason—most of the things you really want, you’ve already gotten for yourselves. Choosing presents for you and Sam is mostly about trying to guess things you might not have considered yet, things you might be surprised to like. I know they won’t all be bulls-eyes, but I thought there might be something about the ancient and intricate art & science of watch-making that appealed. Even though (or maybe because) most people aren’t wearing watches any more.

      Can’t wait to see you!

  • Robert Cochran Says:

    It is a bulls-eye, even if I eventually pass it on to Taylor (who cast a covetous eye). Here’s why: I love Paul Harding’s first novel, TINKERS, for many reasons, but one is its central attention to a character who repairs clocks. From this work I learned the cool word “clepsydra,” Greek for “stealer [klepto] of water [hudor],” an ancient water clock. If you
    don’t already know this wonderful book…
    Love, Dad

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