In the Redwoods


We went camping overnight on Saturday—our first camping trip since Sol was born. It went reasonably well, although Sol (who did not see fit to stand still and have his picture taken) seems to be coming down with something. He didn’t really feel well and was pretty crabby, especially at night. He must have woken up crying five times in the night, and although I was able to cuddle and soothe him back to sleep each time, I imagine we weren’t everybody’s favorite camping neighbor that night. (Fortunately we were camping with a group of families from the Peter Pan preschool, so everyone had small children and were pretty used to midnight cries.)

Davy’s surgery has been rescheduled for this Friday, but I think we may have to cancel again, as he’s starting to show signs of the sniffles as well. There’s always some bug going around the preschool—it’s going to be really hard to catch a window where he’s fully free of respiratory issues. At least the hernia isn’t causing him any pain.

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