Thora’s New Bling

I don’t have a daughter to buy pretty clothes for, so I indulged myself by getting a sparkly new collar for my big girl:



It’s by Paco Collars, a leatherworking studio in San Francisco, and although it was almost unjustifiably spendy, I think Thora carries it off majestically.

There’s not much new here to report: Davy’s surgery hasn’t been rescheduled yet since he’s still got a cough, but he hasn’t had any problems with the hernia. Everyone else is fine. And I’m very much looking forward to Mother’s Day tomorrow!

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  • Nanita Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Sweetie! Thora’s new collar is stunning. The colors are perfect for her, and she models it well. Mark and I send greetings from Hannibal. Today we plan a visit to Mark Twain’s Cave.
    Love, Mom/Nanita

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