What’s for Dinner

In the veggie box: leeks, collard greens, kale, lemons, arugula, broccoli, some truly gorgeous looking carrots, bok choy, cabbage, oranges.

What’s for dinner:

tonight: um, spaghetti with tomato sauce out of a jar. The veggie box came late, we didn’t get to the store, and I’m just not feeling inspired.

But I’ll make up for it tomorrow by roasting a chicken with lemon and making a side salad with arugula, oranges, feta, and sugared pistachios. Sounds fancy eh? But it’s just a salad so it looks easy to throw together. The fiddliest part of it is the pistachios, which get tossed with egg white and sugar and toasted in an oven for half an hour—I’ll just have to make sure that I do that early in the day so the chicken can get in the oven at the right time. Oh, and Robin and I will have the collard greens for lunch, with bacon and vinegar.

Friday lunch: fish sticks. Dinner: I’m intrigued by the New York Times’ Recipes for Health feature, so I’m going to try out their Pureed Potato and Broccoli Soup With Parmesan Croutons (I can make stock for the soup with the bones from the previous night’s chicken) and Pickled Broccoli Stems.

Saturday I’m not planning to cook because I think Robin and I are hanging with a friend. So either we’ll scrounge dinner out of leftovers and pantry staples, or we’ll get takeout.

For Sunday brunch we always go to the crepe place. Sunday dinner: corned beef with boiled cabbage and carrots, yummmmm.

Monday lunch: Indian-spiced lentils with kale. Dinner: leftover corned beef!

Tuesday lunch: braised bok choy and brown rice. Dinner: …it’s entirely possible that it will be yet more leftover corned beef, like maybe corned beef sandwiches or something. If the corned beef is gone I’ll come up with something else.

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