Training Camp

I just got back yesterday from a “Brownsea” training camp for Scout leaders. It was pretty cool! The idea was to immerse us adults in the same sort of program and environment that the Pathfinder Scouts (ages 11 to 17) will experience, so that we can successfully recreate that for our own troops. Our Oakland group doesn’t have a Pathfinder section yet–our kids are younger–but I’m actively planning for getting that part of the program up and running.

A couple pictures:



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  • Robert Cochran Says:

    Wonderful–you look (and sound) very pleased with the whole scene. In fact, EVERYTHING you’ve sent (photos and commentary) about this scouting thing seems almost Edenic. (Masie sent a shot of Luke wearing a jacket, with a “Handed Downfrom Shannon” label this AM–that was cool too.) Hope my two daughter/Moms had a good
    visit… Love, Dad

    • Shannon Phillips Says:

      Oh, it was so wonderful to see Masie and Aaron and Luke! Luke is ADORABLE and so, so sweet. When I got back to Portland after the camp was over, he reached out to give me a hug, almost as if he could sense how much I had been missing my own babies! I was like, “Why yes, I *do* need a baby to snuggle, thank you very much!”

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