First Day of First Grade

Look at that big kid!


3 Responses to “First Day of First Grade”

  • Nanita Says:

    Did he have a good first day in the Sunflower classroom?

    • Shannon Phillips Says:

      He said it was “good and bad.” And apparently the good part was recess.

      I’m optimistic, though. I get a good vibe off the teachers, and Robin says he likes them too. I think he just needs to adjust to the rules of the new classroom (he was reprimanded for talking).

  • Robert Cochran Says:

    Great photo–looks like the little tree’s growing right out of Robin’s head! Super powers! Also the name Ashoka on the sign–your Montessori takes its name from a famous Indian subcontinent warlord badass who got religion (Buddhist) and turned from pillage to stupa building on a huge scale. Talk about enlightenment! Love, Dad/Pops

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