23rd Oaklanders

Did I mention I started a new Scout troop? I think maybe I didn’t mention that.


I had a really good experience as a Girl Scout when I was a kid, and Sam has very fond memories of his days in the Boy Scouts—Troop 420, I kid you not. (I understand their number has since been retired, but he’s still got the t-shirt.)

Unfortunately, due to the discriminatory policies of the Boy Scouts of America, I refuse to support that organization. But I still really want my boys to have that traditional Scouting experience, sooooo…we started a new chapter of the Baden Powell Service Association! The BPSA is co-ed and does not discriminate on any basis, but the program goes back to the original principles and practices established by Lord Baden-Powell in 1907. It’s very old-school, wilderness-focused Scouting, with badges and neckerchiefs and the whole nine yards. Kids 5-7 get to be Otter Scouts, kids 8-10 are Timberwolves, and kids 11-17 are Pathfinders; adults are Rovers.

Our new troop is the 23rd Oaklanders BPSA Scout Group, and we had our first meeting today! It went really well—the kids were great, and they seemed to get into the program pretty easily. We had them tying knots and singing Scout songs, and we took them on a walk through Joaquin Miller park up to Lookout Point. They looked adorable in their little uniforms. So far we’ve got an Otter Raft and a Timberwolf Pack: Sam is leading the Otters and I’m leading the Timberwolves, with lots of help from other parents. There seems to be a ton of interest locally in the BPSA program.

Our next meeting will be on August 17th in Tilden Park—we’re going to walk around Jewel Lake and talk about otters and their habitats. Did you know otters are making a big comeback locally? I did not, until I started planning activities for a group of Otter Scouts!

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