Happy Birthday Baby!


I can’t believe Sol is already a year old!

We didn’t have a big party, but I baked a plate of brownies and we stuck a candle in one, and after dinner we all sang “Happy Birthday.” His brothers helped him blow out the candle. He also got some cards in the mail, and seemed pleased by that—I think he was generally aware that a special fuss was being made, and that he was at the center of it. He’s pretty comfortable with that state of affairs!

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  • Robert Cochran Says:

    What a guy! Cute as can be (and nice photo with Dad). Of course I forgot the day itself, and I’m sorry about that. I gotta write these birthdays down, given how many grandkids I’m now blessed with. Hey Shannon, would you email me a birthday list for your three (I’ll get Luke’s from Masie)? Thanks–and in the meantime tell Sol an afterparty gift will soon be winging its way… Happy Belated Birthday, Sol guy! Pops

    • Shannon Phillips Says:

      Oh, don’t worry about it, Dad! We barely remembered ourselves. Sam was all, “hey, I guess the baby’s birthday is tomorrow! Should we do something?” And then I was like, “enh, maybe I’ll make brownies.” At that age, you know, it’s not like they care.

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