The other day Robin brought home a kitten.


He was walking back to the house with Sam when he heard it crying: he called to it and it came running up to him, he petted it, and it followed him home. It was a little Siamese boy-kitten, thin and flea-ridden but so friendly and sweet. Robin said his name was Endor.


We all fell in love with Endor immediately. We took him in, fed him, cuddled him—he wanted nothing more than to curl up with a person and snuggle and purr.


Only one member of our family did not love Endor, and that was Thora. We kept a baby gate up between the two of them, but she barked and growled from her side of it. On the “shall we adopt a stray kitten” question, her vote was an emphatic NO.

Meanwhile I posted to the neighborhood mailing list, asking if anyone had lost a kitten. I got an immediate answer from a nice lady who said it wasn’t her kitten, but she’d been looking for a companion for her three-year-old female Siamese, and she would be happy to give him a home…

So we said goodbye to Endor. I loved that sweet beautiful little purring creature, but he will be happier in that home than he would have been in ours. He’s just a baby, and he needs an older kitty around to show him how to be a cat.

Endor’s new human tells me that he has already settled in. She sent a picture of him, all cuddled up to his new mama:


And that is the story of the day Robin brought home a kitten.

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