Robin is having kind of a hard time with the transition to elementary school. He says his days are “bad” and he’s started asking to stay home instead of going to school. This is heartbreaking because he loved preschool so much, and that enthusiasm and delight was something I really wanted him to be able to hold on to.

We talked to his teacher a little bit, specifically floating the idea that maybe he would be better suited to a kindergarten classroom. She says from her perspective he’s doing fine—she thinks he’s going through some normal transition anxiety and that he will settle in within a couple of weeks. She also said that, academically speaking, he is at a first-grade level. (I thought that was true, because I looked up the state standards and did those lessons with him to get him up to grade level, but I was rather pleased to hear her confirm it.)

I told Robin that if he gives it six weeks and still hates school, we’ll make some sort of a change. I hope his teacher is right and that it’s ultimately not necessary.

3 Responses to “Transitions”

  • Pei Says:

    I think he will be okay- after all it’s all new environment and basically it’s a bunch of strangers. Encourage him to make new friends.

  • Maike Says:

    Agree! How about play dates with kids in his class? Either after school in the playground or at home? If you explain the problem, many parent will understand and do what they can to help.

    I have no idea your Robin’s school works but at our school most first grade kids already knew each other- the 3 dual immersion classrooms get shuffled around each year but most kids know each other from the afterschool program or the combined Spanish Language or English Language Development classes.

    • Shannon Phillips Says:

      I am keeping an eye out for possible connections–so far I’ve heard about a “Jack,” and a “Henry” from Robin, but I’ve yet to put faces to the names!

      He also does know some kids at the school from Peter Pan, and sometimes runs into them on the playground or in the hallways, which I think gives him a little emotional boost.

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