First Day of First Grade


It’s a mixed-age classroom, which I like very much, but when I saw my little guy sitting there flanked by older and bigger boys my tummy knotted up. I wanted to grab each person in that classroom, child and adult, by the shoulders and hiss “That is my heart sitting there on that rug in an orange polo shirt, do you understand? He is my naked, beating heart. Be kind to him.”

But instead I gave him a high five and I walked away.

2 Responses to “First Day of First Grade”

  • Dom Says:

    I love the way he looks so composed and cheerful in that photo! 🙂

    • Shannon Phillips Says:

      He’s a good kid. But he’s actually having a rough time with the transition to elementary school. I’ve told him that if he gives it six weeks and still hates it, we’ll make some kind of a change.

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