Beauty in Ruins Reviews The Millennial Sword

I wanted to throw up a quick link to the Beauty in Ruins book review blog, which has posted a very kind review of The Millennial Sword:

It’s a fun story, lighthearted and humorous where it can be, but serious and action-packed where it needs to be. Given the rather fantastic premise, it’s a remarkably believable story, owing as much to Viv’s character as to the way in which Phillips pays equal attention to both worlds. In that respect, she makes the most of her setting, using the real San Francisco as a solid backdrop, as opposed to just going with a generic big city. I’ve never been, but the setting feels genuine, as if you could use the story as a roadmap around town.

It also needs to be said that despite Viv being armed and designated for a special role, she’s no victim of prophecy or destiny. This is not one of those stories where things happen despite the characters, but because of them. Well-told, with engaging characters, and a generous mix of humour, romance, and adventure, this is a book that I suspect will have a lot of cross-genre appeal.

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