She’s a Girl!

According to the ultrasound technician, our baby is probably a Rosaura rather than a Robert.  The technician stressed that she couldn’t be one hundred percent certain, which reminded me of what one of my mom’s friends, also an ultrasound technician, had said when mom asked her how accurate the predictions are: “Well, I offer a baby-back guarantee; if I get it wrong, you can hand the baby back after it’s born. And I don’t have any babies, so I must always be right!”

7 Responses to “She’s a Girl!”

  • Nina Says:


    I dunno why it’s so exciting because, really, it would be exactly as exciting if it were a boy… but it’s just one step closer to being a real person.


  • shannon Says:

    It is TOTALLY exciting. I’m delighted, I really wanted a girl. I mean, I would have been delighted with a little boy too, but somehow there’s something warm and familiar and comforting about a girl. I know what it’s like to be a little girl! I’m pretty sure I can take care of one just fine.

  • Madeline Says:

    Congratulations! Girls are GREAT. Mine’s having a conversation with her stuffed stork right now while she sits on her toddler potty. I’m so happy for you.

  • Katherine Says:

    Wow! Yippee! Somehow I was expecting a girl. I’ve gotta warn ya: my nephew was supposed to be a niece, so ultrasounds really aren’t 100%. And he was just as good as a girl, just more squirty sometimes.

  • Nanita Says:

    A granddaughter, what fabulous news! I couldn’t be happier, so these things falling from my eyes must be raindrops.

  • shannon Says:

    aw! Thank you everyone!

  • Wendy Says:

    Yay! Awesome! Fantastico!

    Girls AND boys are good, but the girls get all the good clothes. And shoes. But mostly clothes….

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