What’s for Dinner

The veggie box came early this week on account of the holiday. Taking into account both what we got fresh and what we still have leftover from last week, our fridge now holds: a bunch of collard greens, two bunches of kale, two bulbs of fennel, two bunches of beets, two broccoflowers, two kinds of lettuce, two potatoes, three leeks, nearly a dozen lemons, and some little satsumas. Also Santa brought us apples and pomegranates in our stockings.

With all this bounty to be eaten, what am I doing for lunch today? I’m going to take Robin out to get some pasta. But tonight we’ll have a big salad with fennel and beets (the one I meant to do last week and didn’t). Tomorrow Robin and I will eat the broccoflowers roasted for lunch, and dinner will be kale with onion, bacon, and black-eyed peas, served with cornbread. Thursday night I’m thinking we’ll continue the soul-food streak with pork chops smothered in spicy collard greens, and sometime later in the week we’ll have potato-leek soup. And I’ll just trust that the fruit will take care of itself.

Edited to add: I forgot to remind myself to make beef broth with the leftover bones and scraps of the prime rib!

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