What’s for Dinner

This week in the box: bok choy, two bunches of kale (and we hadn’t even finished last week’s kale!), chard, leeks, fennel, four small beets, a small broccoflower, a whole bunch of little satsuma oranges, and four persimmons. Robin loves the satsumas and the persimmons, so those won’t be a problem. The rest of the meal planning is difficult this week, as I’m preparing for a big dinner on Sunday—in years that we’re not visiting family for Christmas, we have our holiday celebrations on the solstice. One nice effect of this is that it’s easy to get friends to come over and have dinner with us. So I’ll be cooking for six, and I need to get some of the meal prep done ahead of time: meaning that I want the dinners this week to be simple and quick.

Yesterday we had two bunches of kale cooked with calypso beans and bacon. (Robin and I had the leftovers today for lunch, and the flavors had markedly improved by sitting overnight.) I expect we’ll eat the bok choy tomorrow for lunch, and maybe the broccoflower, roasted. Tonight we’re having pork chops with the other bunch of kale, and tomorrow night I’m thinking a salad with sauteed fennel and roasted beets.

Saturday I am not cooking: I’ll have too much work getting ready for Sunday.

On Sunday we are eating: prime rib! yorkshire puddings! mashed potatoes! possibly a ceasar salad or some other nod to the concept of fresh green foods! plum pudding! cheese and spiced pecans!

On Monday we are eating: leftovers!

So I’ll have the leeks and the chard on Tuesday and I guess I’ll do something with that. I don’t like leaving the chard so long (it wilts) but I’m just not feeling inspired about it. Maybe on Tuesday it can go into some kind of a soup.

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