I gave Robin a haircut the other day, although by that I actually mean to say that I snipped randomly at his hair for a while as Robin tossed his head and tried to grab the scissors. The results are predictably uneven, but nonetheless cute.

The doll he’s holding in the snapshot is a stuffed Wild Thing, from the Maurice Sendak book, which is really an atypical accessory these days: mostly he’s been carrying around the Elmo that his Pappy and Nonna sent. I forget who gave us the polo number, but I think it’s adorable. I recently rummaged around and pulled out a bunch of things folks sent that were too big at the time, and that I’d set aside for a later date: that date is now, and it’s awesome to have a whole new wardrobe ready right when he needs it.

Incidentally, isn’t it funny what kind of daring fashion choices only toddlers can get away? A stripy polo catsuit would not work on me, is all I’m saying.

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