What’s For Dinner

Today’s veggie box came late, and held: a big bunch of chard that is maybe not QUITE so beautiful as those that have gone before; three small-to-medium leeks; a big bunch of kale; a large fennel root, with fronds; a head of Napa cabbage; a bag of baby bok choy; 3 oranges; 3 lemons; about a pound of small red potatoes.

Menu plan:

Thursday lunch: braised bok choy with garlic (my toddler LOVED this last time I made it)
Thursday dinner: baked polenta with chard (yes AGAIN, don’t judge me–it’s delicious)
Friday lunch: kale with bacon (I made that today for lunch, and the sight of my baby stuffing his face with dark curly greens was OMG HEARTWARMING)
Friday dinner: steaks, and either roast asparagus or brussels sprouts (I’ve been kind of craving both)
Saturday lunch: we’ll most likely get crepes at the crepe place where they fawn over Robin
Saturday dinner: potato-leek soup
Sunday dinner: it’s Sam’s birthday, and he’s requested spaghetti carbonara and strawberry-rhubarb pie. I don’t know if I’ll even be able to find rhubarb this time of year, but I’ll try. Since we’re having people over I think I’ll supplement with a salad and home-made bread.
Monday lunch:boiled cabbage with butter and salt, maybe some bacon
Monday dinner: pork chops with roast carrots and fennel
Tuesday lunch: leftovers
Tuesday dinner: chicken pot pie — Sam asked for turkey pot pie after Thanksgiving, but I was too worn out. Now I’m more recuperated, so we’ll see what we can do.

As usual, oranges and lemons will be left to their own devices.

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