Things I Call Robin

A Non-Exhaustive List

Difficult Child
Little Buddy
Mister Baby, Sir
Mister Cutie Toes
My Sweet Prince
My Young Apprentice
Punkin Butt

3 Responses to “Things I Call Robin”

  • Wendy Says:

    OMG! We call Wyatt “punkin butt” too. Augie, on the other hand, is “monkey butt” for some reason, along with about 43 variations of “bear”.

  • Wendy Says:

    Also, I meant to say that I like how your list is alphabetized. Hee.

  • shannon Says:

    Great minds think alike!

    I noticed a few other things I call Robin today:

    Froggie or Little Frog or Mowgli
    Snugglebunny, or sometimes the variant Snugglebuddy, or sometimes Snugglebug (bugs are a recurring theme for some reason!)

    I also sometimes call him Monkey, but generally only when he’s stuffing his face with bananas.

    And sometimes I actually call him Small Human, because it is a source of some wonder to me that he really is his own little person.

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