Donut Time


There’s a lot of wonderful vintage signage around our neighborhood, though most of it is faded and cracked and attached to some boarded-up storefront. The neon never lights up any more and the clock has long since stopped. It’s always five minutes to Donut Time.

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  • ...iph... Says:

    That’s fantastic! I love the vintage signs, too… there’s a wonderful old neon sign downtown above a laundromat I’ve been meaning to photograph for ages. We also have a lot of the “old advertisements painted on the sides of brick buildings” here, which have their own charm. I was just taking a walk downtown with the kids over the weekend and thinking about how much I’d love to do a photo essay on our downtown (just as soon as its not as swelteringly hot and my hands aren’t quite as full as they were that particular walk).

    But I especially love that this sign is locked in place for all eternity in this particular anticipatory moment. Yes, may it forever be just five minutes to Donut Time. 🙂

    • shannon Says:

      Oh, I love those old painted signs too! There’s some in San Francisco — I used to be able to see one from the window of my studio apartment.

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