What’s For Dinner

This week in our veggie box: chard, kale, rapini, three heads of broccoli, two leeks, a bag of bok choy, a head of Napa cabbage, three bell peppers and three oranges.  Also I never did get around to cooking that pumpkin that I had planned to make into soup, and we still have a lot of roast pork left over.  Soooo…this week’s meal plan:

Tonight: Stuffed bell peppers with spiced lamb, currants, and feta cheese (Cook’s Illustrated recipe, but I substitute quinoa for the white rice. I picture Nanita reading this and wiping a tear of pride from the corner of her eye.)
Thursday: Philly-style hot roast pork sandwiches topped with provolone and garlicky rapini. Robin has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so it’s a good night for a leftovers-based dinner that’ll be quick to make and won’t require any shopping.
Friday: we’re taking our friends Ken and Todd out for dinner, as thanks for babysitting on our anniversary
Saturday: a big salad with broccoli, boiled eggs, whatever else looks good in the produce aisle, and storebought blue cheese dressing, maybe supplemented with some deli meat (or the pork if we have any more left)
Sunday: polenta baked with chard (the recipe turned out so well we’re eager to have it again)
Monday: pumpkin soup with leeks and gruyere cheese (recipe from this cookbook)
Tuesday: some kind of stirfry with bok choy, I guess. Anybody got any creative bok choy recipes?

Robin and I are both highly enthusiastic about boiled cabbage with butter and salt, so we’ll have that for lunch at some point, and we’ll eat the oranges too. The kale is destined for another lunch (whole wheat penne with kale and lentils, it’s quick and easy to prepare). Otherwise lunches will be scrounged from leftovers and pantry staples.

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