Halloween Pics, Belated

I guess I’m falling behind in updating this blog.  It seems like things have slowed down from when Robin was a newborn; we’ve fallen into a routine and there’s not always much new to report.  Last weekend we got to see Nonna and Pappy, which made Robin very happy.  Boy was he sorry when they left.

We didn’t do much for Halloween except that I made a nice harvest dinner of pork chops smothered in apples, roast carrots and fennel, and pumpkin cheesecake.  Nonna and Pappy brought a cute Halloween-themed bib (pictured) which Robin wore to charm everyone who saw him.

We also bought a toy bow thinking he could dress up as Robin Hood, but the components of this costume are actually pretty much everyday-wear for him:

That picture’s horribly over-exposed but it’s the only one I have where you can see the bow.  Here’s one where the lighting is better:

This morning I’m feeling overwhelmed in the aftermath of the election—pleased by Obama’s win, of course, but depressed about Prop. 8 here in California. And Robin has a runny nose. I hope he’s not going to get too sick.

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