Everybody Likes Pie

A) Davy likes to rummage in the kitchen cabinets for toys. He really likes the baking-implements drawer, which has the cookie-cutter shapes and other interesting things.

B) When he gets sleepy in the late morning, Davy crawls into my lap—often still clutching the last thing he was playing with—puts his head on my shoulder, and cuddles himself to sleep.

C) The two facts above explain why the sleeping toddler I just laid down in bed is still loosely cradling a pie slicer to his chest. I would surreptitiously exchange it for a nice stuffed teddy or something, but hey, who doesn’t like pie?

In other news, Robin is on his feet again, we’ve all still got a lingering cough, the weather is beautiful, and I really need to get my garden planted. I’m also hoping that we’ll have chicks soon: the chicken lady has been kind of flaky. We might have to order some chicks from the Internet (because you can totally do that!) if I can’t find a local breeder to buy from.

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