Turning Inward

Sorry I haven’t updated recently. I’ve been really introverted over the past couple weeks, for a few reasons, I think. One is that we’re finally getting proper weather for the season: rainy and chill. This is great (although we’re still almost certainly looking at a drought this summer) but it does make me want to curl up and not move a lot.

My urge to hibernate was helped along by the fact that our car broke down (stranding Sam on the freeway!) and was in the shop for several days. There goes our tax refund. So, obviously, we weren’t getting out a lot.

We’ve also had two waves of colds—just when I thought everybody was getting better, we all came down with round 2. It’s not an awful cold, just a runny nose and a cough, but it keeps Davy up at night, so both Sam and myself are back to a pretty strung-out level of sleep deprivation.

Anyway, we’re all fine, just dealing with multiple annoyances and (at least on my part) a general desire to hide under the blankets.

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