A Story by Robin

Just this minute Robin came up and told me this story, pretty much word for word:

One time there was a little horse named Robin. He loved to run. “Neigh, neigh,” said the horse.

One day came a little dragon named Davy. “Rawr!” said the dragon. The horsey ran away.

One day came a tiger named Dad. “Rawr, rawr!” said the tiger. The horsey ran away.

One day came an owl. “Whoo whoo!” said the owl. The owl flew away.

That’s a great story.

“That is a great story,” I agreed: and, satisfied, he wandered away.

3 Responses to “A Story by Robin”

  • Madeline Says:

    Aww. That IS a great story. 🙂

    • shannon Says:

      I know, right?

      I probably should have mentioned that I had good reason to think (through the previous morning’s casting — “Momma, you a owl! Say ‘whoo whoo’!” — that the owl was me. But it wasn’t specifically stated in the story.

  • ...iph... Says:

    Wonderful. 🙂 I am constantly, daily, amazed by the power of narrative; the way we all work things out in various ways through storytelling.

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