Baby Steps

Robin still isn’t really walking or talking, but he continues to improve his skills in both areas. He spends more and more time upright—either clinging to furniture, or walking while I hold his hands—and his range of verbalizations continues to increase. One funny thing he’s doing now is imitating another boy at the park, Dino, who’s a year older and can actually talk a little bit. Dino tends to repeat a single word over and over in a sing-song inflection: for example, when he wants to play with Robin’s shovel, he’ll say “Digger digger digger digger!” So Robin has started imitating Dino’s pattern of speech, substituting syllables that are easier for him to say: “lee-oh lee-oh lee-oh lee-oh,” but in the exact same tones. It’s hilarious and scary at the same time. He’s already imitating the bigger kids! How long can it be before he starts demanding hi-tops and cheesy poofs?

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