So there are a lot of various birthing techniques designed to help women through labor. Hypnobirthing, ecstatic birthing, spinning babies, etc.

I’m going for Dungeonbirthing. Dungeonbirthing, a system which I believe I’ve newly invented, involves having the labor support partner (that would be Sam) run a Dungeons and Dragons game during labor and birth. I’ll roll the dice between contractions. Gaming is one of my favorite things, which will promote relaxation and the release of happy chemicals in my brain (elements borrowed from ecstatic birthing), plus it involves a retreat into an escapist fantasy world (elements borrowed from hypnobirthing). Also, I will find it tremendously amusing to spread out the battle mat on the bedside table, and move the little figurines around, and roll saving throws, all while the doctors are coming and going and peering into my cucciniddu.

Anybody who wants to be present at the birth must be willing to play a cleric.

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  • ericaceous Says:

    I think this is a genius idea!

  • JRoyale Says:

    I’m a horrible cleric, I just can’t smash enough stuff and I never want to learn Cure Light Wounds. ‘Cides, I don’t think my slash, burn and drink style of AD&D (what can I say, I’m old skool) is suitable for birthing suites. Afraid you’re on your own kiddo… well, I mean outside of Sam.

    PS. Can you drink when you’re giving birth? I mean it’s really too late to harm the baby.

  • Dawn Says:

    Would you take a druid?

  • shannon Says:

    Considering that the pain relief options for birth *start* with morphine, I don’t see why booze would be frowned upon.

    I would accept a druid if she promised to take cure spells. Entangle is a good spell and all, but mama needs hit points.

  • Jessie Says:

    Dude, that is the best idea ever.

    In Ronia the Robber’s Daughter, her mother sings during labor, which also sounds like a good idea.

    I have no problem playing clerics! I mean, I think. Maybe I actually had awful problems and you were too nice to mention them.

  • shannon Says:

    Ronia the Robber’s Daughter is one of my favorite books! I like it a lot better than the Pippi books.

    And you were great with all your characters.

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