Arberesh Club Picnic

Ooh! I should have blogged this before, but I just got the pictures off my camera from when we went down to Sacramento (a couple weeks ago) and met the boys’ Pappy and Nonna—along with lots of extended family—at the Arberesh Club picnic. Here’s Davy getting a snuggle:

davy and nonna

In the background, Robin’s getting a ride from his first-cousin-twice-removed, Mary Palermo. Then he rode a pony!

pony ride

He did the pony ride four times, actually. He loved the ponies. In fact I’m sort of idly thinking about looking into horseback riding lessons for him.

The picnic was a lot of fun and I’m sure we’ll make it a tradition. I’m especially looking forward to the Arberesh cookbook that the club is putting together!

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