Pictures of School

So here’s a picture of the room where I work:


I actually get the room attached to it, too, where the fishies and the guinea pig live:


The guinea pig’s name is Mei-Mei. She likes to eat parsley.


This is the art room (that’s Robin painting):

Robin painting

It isn’t just for art, but all kinds of sensory play. There’s a trough holding cornmeal and various things that are fun to dredge through it, and there’s usually play-dough or something else tactile set out on the tables. Here’s another picture of the same room:

art room

This is the block room:

block room

And the upper playground:


I was standing in the playground when I took this photo of the park below:


So, it’s really a nice physical space they’ve got, with a lot of different activities for the kids to explore.

4 Responses to “Pictures of School”

  • Maike Says:

    Wow wow wow wow !!!

    These pictures are so so awesome … and pretty much exactly what I had in my head when I was looking for during my family daycare and then preschool searches. I didn’t find it (or anything close) for either

    Loved yesterday’s very detailed description also.

    • shannon Says:

      You know, we didn’t pay attention to preschools when we were doing our house search, so it’s basically just sheer dumb luck that Peter Pan’s within walking distance. Turns out the co-op was founded in 1947, by a group of women from Mills College! So it’s something of a neighborhood institution.

    • shannon Says:

      Also: we pay $290 a month for Robin to attend four mornings a week. Couldn’t find anything near that value except in the co-op model — which I prefer anyway!

  • Dom Camus Says:

    I love the look of the blocks room! Never mind the kids – I want to play!

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