Week 18 (Fetal Age: 16 Wks)

I definitely have a bulging tummy now, but it’s disguised by my natural, ahem, ample curves: I don’t think the average person on the street realizes I’m preggo.

My baby books say the kidlet is five inches long, which sounds like not a lot, but if you measure it out and stare at it, it *looks* like a lot of baby to have sharing space with one’s intestines.

I’ve gained six and half pounds, which is less than what the baby books say I should have gained at this point (ten to thirteen pounds is the official benchmark), but I think this is OK, as women who were overweight at the beginning of pregnancy are recommended to gain less in total.  I’m not doing anything stupid like dieting; I’m eating what I want, when I want.  So far there’s no real food cravings, but I do find that fruits and veggies are looking unusually good, and big chunks of meat are just completely unappetizing.

Sam pointed out that I’m nearly halfway through pregnancy, a fact I find kind of mindblowing.

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