Father’s Day

For Father’s Day, Sam decided he wanted to drive down the Sacramento Delta and check out some of the cute little towns along the way—Isleton, Walnut Grove, and Locke. All of these small towns have done a great job of preserving their historic main streets, but the most interesting one is Locke, a town founded in 1915 by Chinese immigrants. It’s both interesting and picturesque—Sam took pictures, so I’ll post them when he gets them online.

I think Sam had a nice Father’s Day. He got a fancy Xoom tablet, which both of the boys are keenly interested in: “My computer!” Robin ventured, to which Sam answered with a snappy “I don’t think so.” Then Robin went around saying “I don’t think so!” for the rest of the day. But it was also interspersed with the occasional “happy Father’s Day, Daddy,” so that was sweet.

Also, it’s pretty clear that Davy knows Dada as an actual word now. Frustratingly enough, he doesn’t seem to feel the need to call for Mama when he knows that a piercing shriek will grab my attention perfectly well!

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