Photos from Nanita

My mom sent me a bunch of photos from her visit, mostly of Davy, because as she notes: “Most of the ones I took of Robin are a bit blurry because he always seemed to be moving.” She did get a nice one of Robin though:

Robin June 2011

Davy high chair

Star Trek onesie + epic combover = one absurd little doofus. But he’s got food in his paws so he’s happy.

Davy's eyes

Look at him smiling for his Nanita!

Davy_11 mo

“I’m totally standing up! I’m totally standing up! Woooo!”


“What’s the weather like up there? Hey, got any food?”

And this one’s from a previous visit, when Davy was a bit younger. We’re at Chicken and Waffles, which is the place near Jack London Square where you go when you want to eat chicken and/or waffles. If it has another name I don’t know it.

Davy and glass

Oh, okay, I ruined my own fun by Googling it. It’s actually the Home of Chicken and Waffles, technically, I guess. I guarantee you Davy ate some waffles, and some chicken, and was happy about it.

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