Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope all the moms I know are having a wonderful Mother’s Day morning. Mine’s been…exciting, so far. I woke up to Robin’s screams, and the sound of Sam’s running feet, as he shouted “Oh shit, oh shit.” Well, that got me out of bed pretty quickly, and the first thing I saw as I rounding the corner out of the bedroom was Robin’s face covered in blood.

Turns out the kid had hit his head on a corner of our TV cabinet, and produced one of those very shallow forehead cuts that isn’t at all serious, but bleeds profusely. Anyway, Sam wiped up Robin in the bathroom while I got down the first aid kit and found a Band-Aid, and that was about when Sam said, “Oh shit, I left the baby on the couch.”

So then I went running for the living room just in time to catch Davy from taking a swan dive headfirst onto the floor.

Anyway, after that, everything settled down a bit, there was less shouting and profanity, and Sam made me a cup of coffee. Here’s a picture of Robin (with his band-aid) so you can see his sleek new haircut:


Oh, and Sam gave me a pot of tulips (awww), and I was also excited to get roses delivered—but there was no card or slip inside to tell me who they were from! Could the person who sent the lovely pink roses please raise your hand?

3 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  • Nanita Says:

    Wonderful haircut! Nice shirt, too.

  • Mo Says:

    I am glad you liked the roses. I am not sure what happened to the card. We sent one with it.

    It said “to our favorite mom.”

    You will get two more sets of flowers–one in June and one in July.

    We miss the Phillips family so much! We need to plan our next get together. Love, Mom

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