The Talent

So we signed Robin’s contract with the talent agency and sent it back to them this weekend. We were sort of delayed in returning the paperwork because I also had to run around town obtaining a “Permit to Work in the Entertainment Industry” for him, which basically allows us to not run afoul of child labor laws.

Anyway the contract is pretty funny. Robin (“hereinafter referred to as TALENT”) was instructed to note whether or not he was willing to work nude; whether he was willing to appear alongside tobacco or alchohol products; and whether he was okay with furs or lingerie. The TALENT was also instructed to rate, on a numbered scale, his level of skill in several dozen categories that included things like dancing, sports, horseback riding, sharpshooting, and fencing. Honesty compels me to report that the TALENT rates abysmally in every single category.

The TALENT’s actual, er, talents include the following:

* Producing a trilling noise by rolling his tongue

* Pulling himself up to a standing position with the aid of various pieces of furniture, chiefly the sofa

* Sticking his fingers into people’s mouths and, upon successful execution of this maneuver, chortling with delight

* Chewing and swallowing fairly large chunks of foods, such as bananas or soft breads

But none of these appeared on the contract.

The agency also wanted us to send in some pictures suitable for use as publicity photos, so I set up two impromptu photo shoots, one at the park and one in our bedroom. Here are the results:

I put larger versions of all these photos up on Flickr, so that should hold you people for a little while.

Oh and also I had a birthday this week; it was lovely, and I got many splendid gifts, so thank you all for your kind words and thoughtful presents.

4 Responses to “The Talent”

  • the anti-sara Says:

    He’s a super model!

  • Nanita Says:

    He can pull himself up now? He wasn’t doing that a week ago!

  • shannon Says:

    I know! But he’s doing it now!

    Sadly he has a tendency to let go at inopportune moments and tumble backwards, so he pretty much has to be watched like a hawk while he’s practicing standing.

  • Nina Says:

    Great pictures, especially the grass ones. Give our love to the TALENT. I hope he remembers us when he’s scoring gift bags at the post-award parties.

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