More Arbitrary Restrictions

So I was dismayed to learn in one of my baby books that apparently I’m not allowed to lie flat on my back anymore, as it reduces blood supply to both me and the baby.  Since I also can’t lie on my stomach (boobs too sore, even if the belly weren’t a logistical problem), this means I’m relegated to tossing from side to side for the duration of pregnancy.  Boo!

3 Responses to “More Arbitrary Restrictions”

  • Nina Says:

    Jeepers! And of course since you’re not allowed to lie on a sofa, clearly you are supposed to be hanging upside down, Batman-style.

    Maybe you need a big La-Z-Boy? I hear some of them have cup holders.

  • Dawn Says:

    Yeah. I’m mostly OK on my side, but it became annoying in the later stages when I just wanted to rest my back muscles.

  • Wendy Says:

    Bummer Shannon. I forgot this kicked in so soon. I hated sleeping on my side because I’m a back/tummy sleeper, but something that really helped was this big long body pillow I got. You can kind of wedge it behind your back and it makes it easier to stay on your side all night.

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