Not good news for me:

“Two years after her mother has disappeared, and two foster homes later, 15-year-old Ariane moves in with her Aunt Phyllis in small-town Regina, but any hope of normalcy is soon dashed. Mean girl Felicia and her ‘coven’ of followers target Ariane, and she experiences troubling visions and then hears mysterious chanting from the water. She discovers that she is a descendant of the Lady of the Lake and learns that she has no choice but to try to find the scattered shards of the sword Excalibur…”

This was published last October, meaning it would have been in the works for a couple years before that. It’s not exactly the same as my novel, but it shares enough of the basic concept—a girl inherits Excalibur and becomes the modern-day Lady of the Lake—that I now know agents and editors will have “seen it before,” and seen it recently. It’s really a stroke of bad luck, or bad timing, on my part.

3 Responses to “Arrrgh”

  • Nanita Says:

    I dunno. That looks like a chunk of barely post-pubescent schlock. Your book is much more sophisticated, and will target a different audience. Plus, yours has to be on a far higher literary plane. Courage! Don’t lose hope.

  • Nonna Terry Says:

    I agree with Gayle! Don’t give up. You are a very talented writer!!!

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