What’s for Dinner

This week in our veggie box we got: two bags of baby spinach, a bunch of kale, a bunch of chard, two bunches of varicolored carrots, a bunch of radishes, four zucchini, two onions, four oranges, three pears, two grapefruits, six apples, three sweet potatoes, and six small red potatoes. I also didn’t get around to making the zucchini pizza last week, so we have three more zucchini on hand (and getting shriveled), which I think means it’s zucchini bread time.

The kale will go into a bulgur salad lunch for me and Robin. And the fruit is always gobbled up straight, so I never have to worry about that. As for the rest of it: tonight I think I’ll make polenta with chard, and tomorrow we’ll have roasted chicken and potatoes with a spinach salad. Then on Monday, pork chops smothered with apples and a sweet potato casserole. Tuesday I’ll make soup out of the chicken carcass, and Wednesday I want to try this recipe for farro and roasted butternut squash, probably with maple-glazed carrots as a side dish. Thursday some kind of pasta dish, and Friday, leftovers.

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  • Maike Says:

    Not only does it all sound good and fun to cook but your Robin will even eat some it!

    I am incredibly uninspired with my cooking at the moment and don’t expect it to change for a while. For me, having that second kid changed a lot.

    I assume (as in desperately hope) somewhere along the line I will go back to opening cookbooks but right now I seem to rotate between risotto, roasted veggies with dutch veggie kroketten, spanish tortilla, omelet, pasta once every two weeks or so and my not-so-great quiches- basically stuff I can do while monitoring the “me-first” and “he-whacked-me” discussions.

    We do pick up Chipotle or Indian pretty regularly and eat out at more modern california cuisine restaurants quite a bit when out of town but STILL I really truly crave trying out new recipes- and sincerely applaud your efforts.

    How is cooking with two kids going for you? As in, logistically how on earth can you mindfully cook (plan/shop/clean up) with two kids?

    • shannon Says:

      I think your standard rotation sounds delicious!

      I do the shopping with Sam on the weekends, and generally in the evenings when it’s time to cook I plop Davy in his high chair and give him a piece of banana or something to gnaw on, while Robin gets to watch TV. It’s his Sesame Street/Blue’s Clues/dinosaur documentary time…

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