A Body in Motion

Robin sat up twice today, just like it ain’t no thang, looked around for a few seconds, and then bellied down to the ground again for some serious motoring. I think he’s been able to sit up for at least a few weeks, but I can’t be entirely sure—because he never holds any one position for long. Sitting really doesn’t interest him. Rolling, or rocking, or scootching, or grabbing: these things interest him. As soon as he’s made his way to one place he’s looking for where he can get to from there.

We had a really nice Mother’s Day weekend. We celebrated on Saturday since Sam works Sundays: Robin had picked out (presumably with plenty of help from his daddy) a really cute card and book, and we had brunch at the Cafe Majestic, which many of you will remember from our rehearsal dinner. I had french toast with strawberries and crème fraîche. It was delicious!

2 Responses to “A Body in Motion”

  • Nina Says:

    he’s a tumbleweed, you know. gotta keep on tumblin’.

    your brunch sounds lovely! did Robin mash french toast into his face?

  • shannon Says:

    Yes, he really liked the strawberries. He also got bits of Sam’s biscuits, gravy, and poached eggs.

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