Smarter Than an Octopus?

Yesterday I gave Robin some apple juice in a sippy cup. He took to it immediately, and within a few seconds was holding and maneuvering the cup by himself. “He’s so smart!” I marveled to Sam. “He’s like—octopus-level smart!”

“He’s a hominid,” Sam reminded me. “He’s probably smarter than an octopus.” Which kind of blew my mind. I guess Robin doesn’t have much opportunity to demonstrate his intelligence, since he can usually get whatever he wants just by being cute. But the little wheels are turning pretty quick in there.

One Response to “Smarter Than an Octopus?”

  • Mo Says:

    The Arkansas crew misses that little critter (and his mom and dad, of course) so much.

    Looks, brains, and a doting family, what more could a little boy want.

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