We Saw the Torch!

I turned on the TV while I was nursing Robin, and they were showing live pictures of my street taken from a news helicopter! Turned out the torch runners had been diverted to a route literally two blocks from my apartment. So I thought, what the hey, let’s go see some history.

And we did! Robin naturally didn’t know what all the excitement was about but he smiled at everybody, and I took some pictures. There was hardly anybody else there. These runners passed about five feet from where I was standing on the sidewalk. But as far as I could tell the torch wasn’t actually burning—I think the flame had already been handed off. Oh well.

I’m proud of Gav for being sneaky and pulling this thing off. China’s human rights record is atrocious and Sam and I have been known to donate money to pro-Tibet causes, but assaulting Olympic torchbearers is just wrong. I’m glad San Francisco managed to host the torch successfully, and I’m glad I was lucky enough to (kind of) see it.

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