Tooth Check

Two on the bottom front, four on top.

Robin and I both have a cold right now—nothing major, we’re both just a little stuffed-up and under the weather. When he’s home Sam is doing a great job of fetching me kleenex and tea, with the understanding that I will do the same for him when he inevitably catches this bug.

2 Responses to “Tooth Check”

  • Nina Says:

    sounds like a good set of beaver-gnashers!

    hope both of your colds are better soon, and Sam’s never materializes.

  • shannon Says:

    Thank you, our colds *have* gotten better–it was just a little bit of the sniffles.

    Ohmigosh, speaking of gnashing, Robin’s already picked up a bad habit–he grinds his teeth, producing the most a-PALL-ing noise. It’s driving me crazy.

    On the other hand, at least he hasn’t bitten me.

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