Happy Baby


I think in a lot of ways it must be hard to be a baby—no control, no way to predict what’s going to happen next in your world, and only the most rudimentary ability to communicate your wants and needs—but Davy seems really happy with it most of the time. We have delightful conversations, where I say “Hi!” and he says “Ooogoo!” and we both grin. He seems to think it’s pretty great being him.

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  • Maike Says:

    Cute happy baby : ) Lucky lucky you … and your Robin.

    How is Davy with others? Can you tell yet? My Robin is very slow-to-warm-up with others and always has been. Daniel was and is less shy but also pretty reserved at first.

    I’ve always enjoyed those babies that smiles easily with others. The home daycare currently has a 6 month old and an 8 month old that smile when they see me and IT IS SO MUCH fun to pick up hug Daniel and then touch base with the smilee babies.

    I still think one of the nice parts of home daycare is that I get a lot of young baby exposure. I am so going to miss this in December when Daniel moves from his current home daycare to preschool. Preschool is divided into a baby room (6 weeks until 2), middle room (2 to 3 and 9 months) and then prek (3 and 9 months onwards) so I don’t get to know kids from other rooms very well.

    • shannon Says:

      Davy and Robin have both been pretty outgoing kids. Davy grins as soon as soon as anyone so much as glances his way. It’s pretty great.

      I’m starting to feel more of a sense of urgency about getting Robin into preschool (just based on his interactions with other kids at the park–he seems kinda starved for friends his own age) but both the schools I’m most interested in locally are full up. I know this is common in the Bay Area; we’ll most likely have to get on a waiting list.

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