Ruth Cochran

My grandmother “Mimi” died last night, peacefully, at the age of 91. My dad said that “it was about the best exit that it’s possible for a human being to make”: she was not in pain, and she was surrounded by her large and loving family. She touched many, many lives. My sister Masie has shared this picture of her:

I think there will be several services for her in different places: in Fayetteville where she died, and in Bloomington where she lived for many years. We are going to make a trip to Fayetteville, but my dad has suggested that we make it after the service, when it will be possible for our family to spend more time together. So I think we won’t be at the funeral, although of course my thoughts will be with all the Cochrans as they commemorate the matriarch of our family.

In a strange way I’m grieving without sadness, because there’s nothing sad about a life so well-lived and a death so gentle.

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