Despite the fact that Davy doesn’t do a lot besides eat and sleep, I can tell that he’s also learning. For example, we have a Boppy pillow that we use for nursing: when Davy is hungry and fussing, he’ll stop his crying as soon as he’s laid into position on the Boppy. He’s learned that being on the Boppy means the milk is coming soon.

Also, when he first got home from the hospital, we remarked on how well Davy slept in the bassinet. This was in marked in contrast to Robin, who caused us to rename it “the baby wake-up box.”

Well, guess what? In those first days I guess Davy didn’t know enough to care where he slept: one place was as good as another. But he has learned that sleeping alone in a bassinet is just not as nice as sleeping cuddled up to Mommy or Daddy. So now when he finds himself put down alone, Davy will cry until he’s picked up again.

This makes my life marginally harder, but I’m pleased to see the little dude already starting to make choices and express preferences. They are simple baby preferences, but they are his and they represent the first fruits of his exploration into the world.

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