What’s for Dinner

Yesterday’s veggie box held: a pint of cherry tomatoes (YAY! OUR FIRST TOMATOES OF THE SUMMER!), a bag of green beans, two pints of strawberries, a big bunch of basil, a cabbage, a bunch of carrots, four zucchinis, four plums (YUM), three onions, and a couple pounds of what look like Yukon Gold potatoes. And I am pleased as punch to add in the first fruits from my own backyard: growing wild in the jungle back there are blackberries and edible amaranth greens, and our neighbor has a fig tree that hangs over into our yard.

Tonight we’ll have hamburgers and green beans (I’ve been using this recipe for buffalo burgers—it works with grass-fed beef as well), with a plum and blackberry crisp for dessert (inspiration: Wendolonia). And tomorrow, a big pot of pesto. At some point I’ll also make a cherry tomato, basil, and mozzarella salad for our lunch.

I’m hoping to find some corned beef (the grocery store doesn’t always carry it) so that Tuesday we can have corned beef and cabbage with boiled potatoes and carrots. Then Wednesday we can make corned beef sandwiches. Thursday, I think some sort of grilled fish? And Friday will be for leftovers. The strawberries we’ve been eating with yogurt and granola for our breakfasts, and we may start adding figs if they ripen this week!

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