Breaking Breaking This Just In

If you look close you can see the very tip of Robin’s first tooth breaking through his lower gum!

Other things we learned at the doc today: Robin is 27 inches long, and he weighs 16 pounds and 11 ounces. We love Robin’s doctor because he is always quick to praise our baby and compare him favorably to all the other babies. Today he opened with “Well! That’s definitely the brightest baby I’ve seen all day.” Later he commented that he had never seen a more lively child of Robin’s age. He also said, judging from the baby’s vigorous kicks, that he expects Robin will be early to crawl.

After being flattered by the pediatrician, we all went to the park and had a nice Valentine’s Day picnic.

Happy Valentine’s day, everybody! And special congratulations to Robin’s Pappy and Nonna, who are celebrating their 32nd anniversary. Inspiring!

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  • Nanita Says:

    Watch out! The first time you tried out your new teeth – sharp as obsidian blades – while nursing, I jumped and yelled so loud that at least you never did it again.

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