On the Verge of a Breakthrough?

Three nights ago, Robin slept through his 3 am feeding—meaning he slept six hours, from 11 to 5. According to my baby book, this is defined as “sleeping through the night.” I was holding my breath to see if he would keep on doing it, but the past two nights I’ve been up at 3 as per usual. Still, it’s got to be a good sign! Maybe we’re on the verge of a sleeping breakthrough…

He’s smiling more too, several times a day now. It never fails to reduce Sam and me to gibbering idiots.

4 Responses to “On the Verge of a Breakthrough?”

  • Dawn Says:

    Sounds promising. We had that sort of start to the wonder that was/is sleeping-through-the-night.

  • Wendy Says:

    Oh man! Congratulations! Those first 6 straight hours are like heaven.

  • Margaret Anderson Says:

    Hey Shannon! Congrats on your little man. I had heard that you were expecting and today Della sent me the link to your blog. He’s an alert and good looking little guy. Enjoy all the wonder that he brings to your life.

    (And speaking from experience, sleep when the baby sleeps — continued sleep deprivation isn’t fun! )

  • shannon Says:

    Aw thanks Margaret! I’d love to hear some of your own stories…

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