Feetsies (A Photoessay)

Au naturel:

In hand-knit booties:

In clever little socks:

9 Responses to “Feetsies (A Photoessay)”

  • Wendy Says:

    I want very much to eat those little tootsies. They look very delicious!

  • Nina Says:

    Yay baby-foot spam!!

    Those little hand-knitted booties are adorable — who made them?

    I found the song I was looking for.. next I just have to find the music. but it goes

    They call me Sir Robin the brave
    And history one day will rave I’m valiant and daring and noble of bearing, courageous and gallant, a mountain of talent
    No wonder folks curtsey and wave!
    I’m Robin, Sir Robin, the brave.

  • Nina Says:

    okay, the line breaks didn’t come out too well there — but you get the gist.

  • Amy Says:

    Awwww. His little feetsies brought tears to my eyes. (Damn hormones!)

  • shannon Says:

    Then of course there’s also the Monty Python version of ‘Sir Robin the Brave’…

    The booties were made by Mimi Burke, a family friend I’ve known all my life. There’s a matching hat too!

  • shannon Says:

    Amy — you’re getting pretty close now, aren’t you?!

  • Amy Says:

    Si, I mean whey. I’m about a month out. I’m ready for me, but not for her. She needs to bake a little while longer.

    Anyway, you have an adorable baby and I get all emotional looking at pictures of him. Darn it all! I have tears in me eyes again. 🙂

  • shannon Says:

    Aw, thank you!

    And best wishes on that last month–it can be kinda uncomfortable, I know…

  • Sara Says:

    I want socks like those!

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