Robin at the Beach

We went to the beach last weekend; Robin looooooved it. He loved all the space to run and all the stuff to see. Sam flew his kite:

and Robin ran around like a maniac:

Sam has lots more pictures up on his Flickr account.

I guess the big news on the child-development front is that Robin is now fully weaned. Again, it just sort of happened. He crawled into my lap one night and fell asleep right there, without nursing. The next night he dropped off again without needing to nurse. So just like that, he was weaned.

No news on the house-hunting front. We’re still waiting for a response to our offer from the sellers and their bank. If we move to Oakland we’re going to have make time to come back to the beach!

4 Responses to “Robin at the Beach”

  • Wendy Says:

    Awwwwww…weaned? Are you sad? It snuck up on us too and I was sorry I didn’t know it was going to end until after it was over. I think it might be a bigger deal for us moms than for the kiddos, in some ways.

  • shannon Says:

    I feel okay about it, for the self-centered reason that I think breastfeeding was bad for my waistline. I know nursing burns calories, but for me at least it also caused an intense ramp-up in appetite (much more pronounced than anything I experienced during pregnancy). I had a really hard time managing things like carb cravings while I was nursing: I had been within five pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight and now I’m back up to ten pounds over. So I’m hoping it will be easier to lose weight now.

  • Wendy Says:

    We are the same! I could never lose weight while I was nursing Wyatt (and I’m having a bitch of a time now) because I’m always STARVING. Those people who crow about how the weight “just drops off” when you’re nursing do not live in my reality.

  • Madeline Says:

    Congrats! I haven’t found that breastfeeding helped me lose weight, either. With Ibby, especially, I was always hungry.

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