What’s for Dinner

In the box: collard greens, pea shoots, chard, kale, arugula, radicchio, spinach, bok choy, carrots, leeks, fennel.

Tonight I’m making a beef barley soup with the last remnants of our leftover corned beef brisket. I threw in the pea shoots because, you know, why not.

Tomorrow’s lunch: leftover soup. Dinner: pork chops and collard greens, maybe along with a French potato salad I’ve been wanting to try.

Friday lunch: spinach salad with bacon. Dinner: farfalle pasta with winter pesto (using the spinach and kale); roasted carrots and fennel.

Saturday lunch: leftovers, or something from the pantry. Dinner: baked polenta with cheese, leeks, and chard.

Sunday brunch: crepes at the crepe place! Dinner: roasted beet salad with arugula, radicchio, and blue cheese; steaks.

Monday lunch: PB&J. Dinner: Hot and sour soup with bok choy.

Tuesday lunch: leftovers. Dinner: I think I’ll try this arctic char recipe from Whole Foods (probably with the tomatoes and artichoke hearts rather than the broccoli). I usually avoid cooked fish because I’ve just never been a fan (although I love sushi), but lately I’ve been thinking I should give it another try.

There’s not much really new going on in our house. Oh, except Sam has started a new tradition of going for an evening walk with Robin when he gets home (usually while I’m finishing up dinner). The boy loves it and I think it’s really good for him to work off some energy at the end of the day.

Last week’s Sam-friendly menu seemed to go over well. Sam has been making a conscious effort to give me more positive feedback when dinner is good, and that’s been really nice for me to hear. I definitely appreciate the effort on his part. I snapped this picture of our Valentine’s Day calzones, don’t they look cozy all cuddled up together?

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